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Oct 27, 2021
Bindraban, Prem S.; NA; Bindraban, Prem S.; VFRC, 2015, "Beyond N and P: Toward a Land Resource Ecology Perspective and Impactful Fertilizer Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa",, Dataverse, V1
Oct 27, 2021
Wopereis, M.C.S.; Mando, A.; Vanlauwe, B., 2008, "Agroecological Principles of Integrated Soil Fertility Management-A Guide With Special Reference to Sub-Saharan Africa",, Dataverse, V1
Table of Contents: 1--Chapter 1. Introduction 4--Chapter 2. Mineral and Organic Fractions in the Soil 7--Chapter 3. Organic Inputs 11--Chapter 4. Mineral Fertilizers and Soil Amendments 17--Chapter 5. Combined Use of Organic Inputs and Mineral Fertilizers 19--Chapter 6. Farm-Leve...
Oct 27, 2021
NA, 2011, "A Dynamic Model to Forecast and Evaluate Changes and Trends in the Global Market for Fertilizers",, Dataverse, V1
Table of Contents: vii--Executive Summary 1--Overview 11--Introduction 12--Major Trends Affecting Fertilizer Demand, Production and 16--The FertTrade Model 20--Trends in the Market for Nitrogen (N) Fertilizers 38--Trends in the Market for Phosphate (P) Fertilizers 52--Trends in t...
Oct 27, 2021
NA, 2010, "World Phosphate Rock Reserves and Resources",, Dataverse, V1
Table of Contents: v--Executive Summary 1--Introduction 2--The Manufacture of Phosphate Fertilizers 3--Phosphate Rock Characteristics, Mining and Beneficiation 8--World Phosphate Rock Production 13--Literature Research and Information Concerning Phosphate Rock Reserves and Resour...
Oct 27, 2021
Singh, Upendra; Gaihre, Yam Kanta; Satter, M. Abdus; Austin, Rick, 2014, "Operating Manual on Automated Continuous Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions",, Dataverse, V1
Table of Contents: vii—Summary 1--Introduction 3--Chamber Design and Installation 9--Operating Principle/Gas Sampling 10--Gas Sampling Unit 12--Pneumatic Connections 16--Gas Analysis 17--System Control Unit 30--Calibration of Gas Analyzers 47--Gas Analyzers 67--Ancillary Measurem...
Oct 27, 2021
International Fertilizer Development, 2019, "Ghana Fertilizer Value Chain Optimization Study",, Dataverse, V1
Oct 27, 2021
International Fertilizer Development, 2021, "Exploring phosphorus fertilizers and fertilization strategies for improved human and environmental health",, Dataverse, V1
Library Notes: Open Access
Oct 27, 2021
International Fertilizer Development, 2021, "Composite Micronutrient Nanoparticles and Salts Decrease Drought Stress in Soybean",, Dataverse, V1
Oct 27, 2021
International Fertilizer Development, 2017, "Effect of Micronutrient Micnobit and Salt Fertilization on Lettuce",, Dataverse, V1
Library Notes:
Oct 27, 2021
International Fertilizer Development, 2018, "Effects of Manganese Nanoparticle Exposure on Nutrient Acquisition in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)",, Dataverse, V1
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