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Oct 27, 2021
Batiano, A., 2017, "Use of a Warrantage System to Face Rural Poverty and Hunger in the Semi-Arid Area of Burkina Faso",, Dataverse, V1
Oct 27, 2021
Thompson,, Thomas P.,, 2007, "The Social Performance of an Innovative Method of Rice Fertilization in Southern Asia",, Dataverse, V1
Table of Contents: Background - 1 Analytical Approach - 5 Research Findings - 5 Household Food Security - 9 Household Property - 9 Paddy Sales Income - 14 Expenditures for Hired - 16 Housing Characteristics - 18 Qualitative Benefits of UDP Use - 20 References - 20
Oct 27, 2021
Roy, Amit H., 2003, "The Rebuilding of Afghanistan's Agriculture: The IFDC Solution",, Dataverse, V1
Oct 27, 2021
Sanabria, Joaquin; Thompson,, Thomas P.,, 2010, "The Division of Labor and Agricultural Innovation in Bangladesh: Dimensions of Gender",, Dataverse, V1
Table of Contents: Acknowledgments - iii Executive Summary - vii Introduction - 1 Methodology - 3 The Sample - 3 Data Analysis - 3 Study Limitations - 4 Paddy Yields - 4 Aggregate Labor for All Tasks - 5 Labor for All Tasks and Districts - 7 Labor for Each Agricultural Task and U...
Oct 27, 2021
International Fertilizer Development, 2006, "Subvention des intrants et développement de l'agriculture",, Dataverse, V1
Table of Contents: Avant-propos - iii Résumé - viii I. Introduction - 1 II. Histoire des subventions agricoles - 5 III. Arguments en faveur de la subvention des engrais - 8 IV. Arguments contre la subvention des engrais - 10 V. L’expérience de l’IFDC en matière de subvention des...
Oct 27, 2021
International Fertilizer Development, 2006, "Restoring Kosovo's Agriculture Sector After Conflict--IFDC's Involvement",, Dataverse, V1
Table of Contents: Background and Program Rationale - 1 Introduction - 4 Objectives Achieved in KADP/KFPP - 11 Kosovo Agribusiness Development Program - 11 Kosovo Feed for Poultry Project - 27 Bibliography - 40 Acronyms and Abbreviations - 43
Adobe PDF - 912.7 KB - MD5: 8b9dc4a3a9090fcab91535df84d6c63f
Physical Description: French Version of IFDC publication Input Subsidies and Agricultural Development (P-29).
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